Quick and Easy Orange Rolls

They are required at every Easter and Christmas dinner. They are a lovely yeast roll. The downside to that is they take a bit of time to prepare, allowing for all that rising time etc. And then there are those who are afraid of yeast.

Well, I’ve got a great alternative for you yeast fearing, not enough time in my day people!

Last week I spent three lovely, sunny and warm days in Central Oregon with some girlfriends. Upon our arrival my friend Jane had a delicious lunch waiting for us that included today’s recipe – orange rolls.

The great thing about this recipe is that it uses frozen roll dough (we use Rhodes here in the Northwest). No kneading, no messing around with yeast! The other thing I love about it is you can make however many rolls you need. If you need a dozen, just pull a dozen frozen rolls out of the bag or if you only need four like our reduced size family does that’s all you need to make!

So here is how you do it. Jane put her frozen rolls into the refrigerator and let them thaw in there overnight. I didn’t think that far ahead and I just pulled them out in the morning and let them sit at room temperature (covered with plastic wrap) and thaw – about 2-3 hours depending on how warm a day it is.

You want to allow about an hour for them to fully rise before you bake them so just plan accordingly. Mine were thawed by noon but I didn’t want to bake them until six so I put the thawed dough back in the refrigerator and then pulled them back out to prepare about 1 1/2 hours before dinner.

So after they are thawed and about an hour or so before you want to bake them pull them out of the refrigerator and prep them for baking.

The rolls are dipped into melted butter and then a mixture of sugar and grated orange rind and placed in a  Then after they have risen and baked you cover them with more butter, orange juice and powdered sugar – yum!

They are to die for, melt in your mouth goodness.

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