How is Cabbage related with Healthy Weight Loss?

We all are aware of one fact or we can say one very important benefit of cabbage, that it is full of fiber. That is the reason it is used in salad. But have you ever realized that how crucial it is to help in reducing extra fat from your body. Yes, that’s right you must know about cabbage for weight loss.

Cabbage is a popular low-calorie healthy vegetable. In fact many of the folks out there consume cabbage for weight loss in the form of cabbage soup diet. You can start doing the same to shape up your body.

Cabbage can offer various vital health benefits to you and it is available in various variations. Like you can have green cabbage, red cabbage, white cabbages, then there are Savoy, spring greens and so on.

You must know that Cabbage soup diet is a strict as well as unsustainable diet plan. In this plan, people consume unlimited amounts of cabbage soup in order to shed 10 to 15 pounds in just one week.

Cabbage is definitely great for weight loss since it has high water content. But there are various other important advantages as well. Continue reading to know more benefits of Cabbage. The cabbage diet plan is indeed a low maintenance weight management method to decrease calorie intake and at the same time satisfy your appetite.

Simply by taking cabbage prior your meals you can very well satisfy your hunger. And then you tend to consume very less amount of your meal and ultimately a low calorie intake!

Not only this you take a good amount of fiber this way, this ultimately improves bowel movements. Both of these factors are very important you’re a successful weight loss as well as your health.

How does cabbage works?

This is true that cabbage so not burn fat from the body, but it is perfect weight loss. How and why? Because it is much low in calories and rich in fiber. Just half cup of cabbage contains only 17 calories. And then the entire head of cabbage can be taken to prepare a large salad which is again less than 300 calories.

Rich in Fiber

It is known as a best friend to your stomach.  Similar to brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, etc,  cabbage is a great source of fiber. Raw cabbage can actually cure stomach ulcers .

Contain Antioxidants

Do you know that Red cabbage is full of anthocyanins. It is a specific type of antioxidant which is especially found in purple, red and blue plants. Researchers have also shown that antioxidants can decrease the inflammation and can offer cancer protection, plus can also boost brain functionality.

Reduces cholesterol

You may be very interested now, isn’t it? This is indeed a superfood that reduces cholesterol naturally & efficiently. Cabbage stop body from absorbing fat after you takes your meal. This definitely reduces the overall amount of cholesterol absorbed by your body.


Are you aware of this important advantage? Cabbage has sulfur-based compounds named glucosinolates. These contain anti-carcinogenic properties. Glucosinolates gets converted into isothiocyanates inside the body. These converted compounds inhibit the growth of the cancer cells, as stated in some of the researches and studies.

Weight Loss Benefits

As we stated above it does not burn your body fat. You may now be confused, thinking then how can it reduce the fat. It is very simple, when you consume cabbage, you tend to take very low calorie. It also let you feel full. So experts suggest eating good amount of cabbage salad before the meal. You will not be taking food rich in calories then. Not only this, good amount of fiber and water content, help in perfect functioning of your bowel and keeps you hydrated. This is an amazing thing to reduce the weight.

That is the reason leafy vegetable stands high in weight loss diet such as cauliflower, broccoli, , brussels sprouts and so on. They help in fighting cancer and are the rich source of vitamin C, potassium, fiber  and various other nutrients. So is with Cabbage,  providing fewest calories &  least fat as compared to any other vegetable.

Keep your bowel system perfect is indeed a great thing. Else improper functioning of bowel system can let you feel constipated. And constipation is one very crucial factor why you may be gaining weight. Keep your metabolism perfect in order to reduce weight.

Not to forget that Vitamin C that cabbage offer helps in the creation of collagen plus inhibit melanin. Both of these factors help you have better skin and look better, beneficial for true anti-ageing.

Hope you have got enough about cabbage and its benefits, not only for weight loss but various other important factors as well. Keep visiting our blogs to know many of the important food items to stay fit and healthy!

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