10 Ways Mint Benefits Weight Loss

From essential oils to herbal teas, mint has made its way into our homes pretty quickly. For centuries, it has been used as a natural remedy for several health issues, particularly those pertaining to the skin and the digestive system. In the recent years too, it has gained a lot of popularity, and now, it

Does Leaky Gut Cause Autoimmune Disease?

Does Leaky Gut cause Autoimmune Disease? The idea that a damaged intestine could be key to Autoimmune Disorders is finally hitting the medical community. Why? Because autoimmune diagnoses are growing exponentially and physicians have limited tools to tackle them.  With my own history of Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism), Celiac Disease, and probable Addison’s Disease, I can

Roll away back and shoulder pain

A tight back and shoulders prevents ease of movement and restricts range of motion… Painful trigger points develop from sitting and typing all day or from overuse, causing more pain and restricted movement. Enough! If you’re ready for relief, get ready to roll away the pain… Foam rolling is a great way to release those

Immune Boosting Foods

Could your diet be making you sick? If you’re not getting enough of the nutrients in these immune boosting foods, your immune system might be missing important things it needs to keep you healthy. I battled an absurd number of colds when my eldest entered the public school system, so I took a hard look at what

Try Juicing To Lose Weight

Try juicing to lose weight and get back in shape. If you have the opportunity to purchase a juicer then it is important to know that either a auger style juicer or juice extractor will be necessary to  juice. People will try everything to shed those unwanted pounds. They will try joining a health club,

How to Find Your Food Sensitivities

It has been estimated that 64% of ADHD cases are caused by food sensitivities.  If that’s true, then 64% of cases should be “cured” by diet, right?  Well, let’s get hopping!!  But wait – what are my food sensitivities? While researching natural ADHD treatment, I’ve seen a lot of info suggesting the use of elimination diets to determine

7 HIIT Mistakes You’re Probably Making

There are some aspects of the fat-burning workout that you may be doing wrong.   Considering HIIT — or high-intensity interval training — is known to burn fat, improve metabolic health and increase VO2 max levels, you may have jumped on board enthusiastically. After all, it’s known to fire up your gains rather quickly and efficiently. “People like HIIT because it removes

The 7 Most Powerful Weight Loss Foods

The foods that I am going to be talking about here make you thin faster than any other foods you’d ever eat. They are easily the 7 most powerful weight loss foods. Eating them regularly makes you thin in no time. Because of the above characteristics they are by far the most slimming and most

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